June 11th-12th, 2016

24 hours hackathon

Join us in Karlsruhe, Germany to disrupt the tech industry with your innovative ideas.

Hackathon - /ˈhakəθɒn/ noun
An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.


The hackathon has been great. We hope to see you again at one of the next Hackerstolz events:

09.07. Hackschool Data Privacy (Mannheim)
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22.07. Gründerbar (Mannheim)
Facebook event coming soon
Next year? Inno{Hacks} 2017 (Karlsruhe)

About the Event

When: June 10th - 12th, 2016
Where: DHBW Karlsruhe (Erzbergerstraße 121, 76133 Karlsruhe)
Who: Developers, Designers, Innovators
Theme: Innovation/Crazy Ideas
Price: 15 € (10 € will be returned after attendance)
Team size: 2-5 (teams can be build on site)
Food & Drinks: Will be provided


Three cash prizes of equal values are offered, depending on the focus of the project.

Technology Innovation
Drive technology forward with your innovative ideas. Create apps, devices or platforms for the progress of the industry and the extension of possibilitiess.

Winner: Swip
UX Innovation
Create new concepts to interact with modern devices. Tilt phone to scroll? Use the proximity sensor of your phone to start video recording? Control your computer with your face? The possibilities are endless!

Winner: The Cap
Social Innovation
Modern technology has brought us closer together than ever before. Help connect people and processes, share resources and break barriers.

Winner: Talk Light


Friday (10.06.)
local_drink 19:00 - Get together(optional)

Location will be closed over night
Saturday (11.06.)
flight_land   9:00 - On-Boarding & Breakfast
group 10:30 - Kick-Off & Team Building
computer 12:00 - CODING STARTS
restaurant 13:00 - Lunch
restaurant 18:30 - Dinner
location_city 22:00 - Night Coding

Location is open all night
Sunday (12.06.)
restaurant   9:00 - Brunch
flag 12:00 - CODING STOPS
devices 12:30 - Pitching
star 16:00 - Prize announcement
photo_camera 17:00 - Wrap Up, Family Photo
                  & Meet The Winners

Please pay attention to our Code of Conduct during the event.


Ingmar Wolff (InnoWerft)
Project Management, Start-Ups
Isabelle Possehl (DMBO)
Design, Usability
Niek Pulles (Philips)
IoT, Connected Devices

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The Jury

Golo Roden
Golo Roden ist Gründer und CTO von the native web, einem auf JavaScript und Node.js spezialisierten Unternehmen. Er ist zweifacher MVP für C# und der Autor von „Node.js & Co.“, dem ersten deutschsprachigen Buch zu Node.js.
Ralf Wigand
Ralf Wigand war bis 2015 MVP für Directory Services und arbeitet mittlerweile bei Microsoft Deutschland. Er bloggt unter und
Thomas Smits
Thomas Smits ist Professor an der Hochschule Mannheim sowie langjähriger Lehrbeauftragter an der DHBW Mannheim in vielen Bereichen der Informatik, insbesondere Softwarearchitektur und -entwicklung.

The Team

Manuel Rauber Martina Kraus Tobias Röddiger
Dominik Doerner René Brandel Yue Ou Daniel Handloser