September 30th & October 1st
at the Karlshochschule
in Karlsruhe, Germany

We refund the full ticket price (except Pitch Visitor) when attending the event.

The Location

The Karlshochschule International University - or The Karls in short - is an international and intercultural hub for collaboration and experience.

Karlshochschule International University
Karlstraße 36 - 38
76133 Karlsruhe

The Event

FRIDAY (optional)


19:00 Already in Karlsruhe?
Nothing to do?
Join our Get Together!
Grab a beer and meet up!



9:00 Onboarding

10:30 Kick-Off

12:00 Coding starts

13:00 Lunch

18:30 Dinner



9:00 Breakfast

12:00 Coding stops

12:30 Pitches

16:00 Prize Ceremony

The Prizes

Three cash prizes of equal values are offered, depending on the focus of the project.

Technology Innovation

Drive technology forward with your innovative ideas. Create apps, devices or platforms for the progress of the industry and the extension of possibilitiess.

UX Innovation

Create new concepts to interact with modern devices. Tilt phone to scroll? Use the proximity sensor of your phone to start video recording? Control your computer with your face? The possibilities are endless!

Social Innovation

Modern technology has brought us closer together than ever before. Help connect people and processes, share resources and break barriers.


What is a hackathon?

An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.
Participants think up an idea, build a team and try to make that idea reality during the event.

What are your plans for Inno{Hacks} 2017?

The hackathon will be a weekend-spanning event, where participants create teams of 2-5 people on site.
There will be 24h to think of an idea and realize it.
They will present their work on Sunday in front of a jury that will award several prizes.
Further details will follow...

Do I stay overnight?

Some people code throughout the night, others leave to catch some rest.
For visitors from afar there are hotels nearby and we try to offer a quiet room where you can sleep.

I'm not good at coding. Is this event suitable for me?

Hackathons are about learning and beginners are welcome as well!
Use the time to learn from your team and/or the internet to advance your project.

What do I need to pay?

Nothing. Well… We charge 15 € for the ticket but you get it back on arrival at the event site.

Are there travel reimbursements?

Not yet.

What should I bring?

A laptop! Seriously.
Apart from that maybe devices that could help your project (Raspberry Pi, Drones, IoT devices, ...)
or stuff for the night (sleeping bag, pillow, ...).
And a lot of enthusiasm helps as well.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes! You can find it here.

I don't have any ideas for a project.

No problem! We will do a short idea brainstorming session before coding starts to help everyone out. Or you can just join another team that has an idea you like.


Are you interested in sponsoring Inno{Hacks}? Please contact us at

API & Hardware Partners

CloudRail - Connect to APIs 10x faster & never worry about breaking integrations again. Universal APIs for Cloud Storage, Social, Payment, PoI, SMS, Email and many more.
Selfbits makes it extremely easy to add features like auth, database, file upload, push or social and data integrations to your applications without worrying about servers or backend infrastructure.
Kinemic makes gesture interaction real. Control your tablet, smartglass or any other device with our gesture control armband.
The VersionEye API offers you access to the VersionEye open source database, which includes meta information to more than 1.3 Million open source projects. The data includes general descriptions, versions, license information and known security vulnerabilities.

Media Partners


Those awesome people are around on the Hackathon weekend to support you building your ideas & dreams

Andreas "Quotenhipster" Wissel

UI/UX Design, JavaScript, Angular

Andreas is a cross-platform developer and UX designer at Thinktecture AG. Besides wearing funny bowties and looking at corgy pictures online, he tries to make business apps look fancy!

Klaus Welle

JavaScript, Angular, Postgres, MEAN stack

Being a fullstack developer and co-founder of Selfbits, Klaus loves to follow Steve Jobs' mantra "stay hungry, stay foolish".

Niek "The Lamps Guy" Pulles

Philips Hue, Android

Niek has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer. He has been fascinated about Android since the beginning and has been working for several years for Philips Hue. First as an Android developer, now as a Hue Developer Evangelist.

Thomas Smits

Software Architecture, Ruby, Java, REST, Hardware Hacking

Thomas is professor of computer science and former chief software architect at SAP. He is passionate about making stuff and knows the software and the hardware side quite well.

Patrick Stoklasa

REST APIs, Android, Node.js, Angular

Patrick is the CTO of CloudRail, a Mannheim based startup making API integrations easier. The KIT alumni is an expert in everything around REST APIs but also a very experienced Android and Node.js developer.

Stay connected

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Manuel Rauber

Tries to make funny unicorn jokes
Martina Kraus

Was dancing in the rain just now
Dominik Doerner

Is only here for the food

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